About us

The main objective of the project is to elaborate a Master Programme Study framework related to digital manufacturing to meet the needs and challenges of Industry 4.0 and therefore to improve the performance of the companies dealing with digital manufacturing in terms of competencies of the human resource

The DIGIMAN consortium consists of seven partners from six countries (RO, HU, DE, SP, BE, and PT) with proven experience in both higher education and training. Five universities (University of Craiova, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Instituto Superior Técnico from the University of Lisbon, and Hochschule Heilbronn) among the consortium partners have a solid background in providing education at

both Bachelor and Master level whilst the other two partners (Augmented Training Services and European Welding Federation) are reputable organizations offering various training programmes in terms of augmented reality, real-time advanced immersive simulation, e-learning as well as providing harmonised regulations for the education and training of personnel involved in welding, joining and related technologies.

Our Objectives:

To reach the main objective of the DIGIMAN project several intermediate objectives are required to be attained:

Elaboration of new innovative master programme study curriculum for digital manufacturing.

Elaboration of the digital lessons materials covering disciplines and subjects of the programme study.

A management system for teaching/learning/ assessing of the knowledges, skills and attitudes related to digital manufacturing.

Enhancing technical and digital competences of the teachers through learning activities

Promotion the new innovative master programme study to industry partners, academia and students